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At O'Neill Glass we manufacture our own mirrors so you can have a personal touch. You can have any mirror any size. We stock mirrors in 4mm in thickness to 6mm in thickness.

We specialise in, Bevelled mirrors, Crystal cut mirrors, Polishing mirrors, Mirror drilling & cutting and Mirror Adhesive. We also cut mirror in all shaped & sizes.

Bevelled Mirrors:
A bevelled edge refers to an edge of a mirror that is not perpendicular to the faces of the piece. Bevelling has to be done on a thicker 6mm mirror as the sides of the mirror are ground down to reveal the bevelled effect. A bevelled edge gives that extra touch of class to a plain mirror, whether in a bathroom or living room a bevelled mirror works in all areas of the home.

Crystal Cut/Brilliant Cut Mirrors:
At O'Neill Glass we crystal/brill cut our mirrors by a specialised machine. The machine cuts lightly into the glass to reveal a pattern at the end of the process. We have a selection of patterns and designs to choose from at our show room.
Whether you like intricate patterns or plain simple designs we have it all at O'Neill Glass.

Polishing Mirrors:
Polishing involves rubbing away the sharp edges of the glass to reveal a smooth, non sharp edge. Polishing is done for safety and security reasons. We recommend polishing a mirror if the edges are being exposed. We polish mirrors by hand and by a specialised machine. 4mm and 6mm mirrors can be polished.

Mirror drilling & cutting:
Our mirrors can be cut into nearly any shape or size.
We have a machine for shaping perfect circles and shapes.

We also can drill holes and cut outs in mirrors for mirror screws. We recommend hanging your mirror with the alternative, mirror clips which are available in our factory as drilling holes weakens the strength and quality of the mirror. The mirror clips are neatly and discretely hidden when the mirror is hung.

Mirror Adhesive:
We stock mirror adhesive uniquely made for mirrors as
Silicone contains acid which burns and discolors the mirror after time.